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Wed Sep 26, 2018 6:29 am

im glad to see that snoxd community is back again

and i hope to get help like befor
i wanna ask abut some few thing's
1-santa event mobs id
2-Etaroth event mobs id
3-BEGINNERX npc id
that's all ...
and again im so glad that snoxd back again
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Thu Sep 27, 2018 6:09 am

I believe you can go in MSSQL and type something like:

select * from K_MONSTER where strName like '%Etaroth%'
select * from K_MONSTER where strName like '%Santa%'
select * from K_NPC where strName like '%Beginner%'

In doing so, you will have selected all columns pertaining to whichever name(s) you type. The column(s) that this query gives you will contain everything from mob id's to overall stats.

(sorry if any of the column names etc. are incorrect, it's been a while since I've typed any database queries)
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